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Ascii Art (1995-2014)

Music I've made

Older Music I've made



Unix (Linux/BSD/OSX/etc):

Durdraw (screenshot) - ANSI/ASCII Art editor with animation for Linux/Unix terminals

cpong (screenshot) - pong-like game for Linux/Unix terminals

reed - Plain text speed reader for Linux/Unix terminals

iOS (iPhone/iPad):

Duke To Go (aka DukeTogo) (screenshot) - megahal bot for iOS (available in Cydia)

iPhone-TTS - Objective-C/iOS wrapper for CMU Flite text to speech engine

KTRU iPhone app (screenshot) (No longer available) - A newer KTRU app which I did not write can be found at KTRU's website

Vocalizer (screenshots 1, 2 and 3) (No longer available) - A text to speech app for iPhone/iOS