Linux Software (Github)

Durdraw (screenshot/github) - Unicode, ANSI and ASCII art animation studio for the Linux and UNIX terminal.

Gifterm (screenshot/github) - View animated .GIF files in a text terminal. Linux/Mac/Windows

Emojam (screenshot/github) - A lightweight Emoji picker/keyboard for X-Windows on Linux and Unix-like systems

Synaptweak (screenshot/github) - Tweak the pressure sensitivity settings on the Linux Synaptics Touchpad Driver (Graphical/X11)

X10 Pyro (screenshot/github) - A web interface to X10 Firecracker (CM17A) home automation lighting control rs-232 module

Art & Music

Ascii Art Gallery (1995-2021)

A couple of short Songs I recorded (rock and chiptune)

You may use or modify the following ASCII art files for personal use:

Doge ASCII (Preview)

BSD Daemon ASCII (Preview)

FreeBSD ASCII (Preview)

iOS Software (historical)

KTRU Rice Radio - "Best of Houston 2011, Best Local Music Smartphone App" -Houston Press (digital issue, web edition)

Singboard - (youtube, screenshot 1, screenshot 2) - An interactive polyphonic text-to-speech synthesizer (musical instrument) for iPhone (No longer available)

Duke to Go - (youtube, .deb download) (Trigger Warning, NSFW!) Raunchy chat bot/conversation simulator (based on MegaHAL) for iOS (No longer in app store)

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