Durdraw is a program for creating animated ANSI and ASCII art.

Durdraw runs in your Linux terminal and is heavily inspired by classic ANSI drawing programs (for MS-DOS and Windows) such as TheDraw, ACiDDraw and PabloDraw, adding animation features.

  • Add ASCII animation (with color) to shell scripts
  • Export to Animated GIF (requires PIL, images2gif and Ansilove)
  • Frames Per Second control, not dependent on terminal speed
  • Runs in your Linux, FreeBSD or MacOS X Terminal


From Github: Download


Animated GIF Export requires Ansilove, PIL and images2gif.
IBM-PC TrueType Font", dMg's Amiga Fonts
Mac OS X Terminal configuration file
RXVT Configuration Example

Screenshots and Examples

usage: durdraw [-h] [-p PLAY [PLAY ...]] [-q | -w | -x TIMES] [-u UNDOSIZE]

positional arguments:
  filename              .dur or ascii file to load

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -p PLAY [PLAY ...], --play PLAY [PLAY ...]
                        Just play .dur file or files, then exit
  -q, --quick           Skip startup screen
  -w, --wait            Pause at startup screen
  -x TIMES, --times TIMES
                        Play X number of times (requires -p)
  -u UNDOSIZE, --undosize UNDOSIZE
                        Set the number of undo history states - default is
                        100. More requires more RAM, less saves RAM.
  -V, --version         Show version number and exit